Bills of Quantities & Builders Quantities

Kavannagh Partnership Ltd has an established track record in providing technical and accurate documents which give Clients a reliable basis on which to tender proposed construction work.

KPL have the capability to measure quantities under all alternative Standard Methods of Measurement.

Whilst KPL prepare Bills of Quantities on behalf of our Clients as part of our Traditional Quantity Surveying Services, KPL also provide a ‘one off’ service to Main Contractors during the Tendering process in the form of “Contractors Quantities”. KPL can produce detailed quantities in ‘Trade’ or ‘Elemental’ format. 

Our vast experience enables KPL to identify & include significant cost items within the measured documents, even when the drawings are still at the early design stage.

KPL have the ability to meet very tight timescales, with short lead in periods, whilst still delivering a complete & accurate document.

The documentation produced by KPL describes the total extent of construction work proposed. This enables the Contractor to fully consider his tender which in turn leads to a price that the Client can rely upon in making future decisions.

KPL have our own software package to produce Bills of Quantites & can present it in a Microsoft Excel format. If required this can also be transferred into most estimating packages.